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Malicious applications took advantage of the Corona virus crisis, to be used by Android phone users.

Your phone is encrypted: You have 48 hours to send $ 100 in Bitcoin or all of your personal files on your phone will be deleted."  This was the message that many phone users encountered, and the surprise was shocking ...

We will not deny that many users in the light of this pathological crisis has become what most searches for purely engines are all topics and addresses related to Covid-19 virus or what we know as coronavirus and specifically what was a large proportion of the purely on pure drives were applications for Android devices especially  It tracks the evolution of the virus, but what users encounter is just as bad as the world is currently living with virus residues.

 The story and what dear follower is that unethical groups took advantage of this critical situation that crunched the small and the big and published malicious software to the degree of greed whereby the request when you get this malicious program at the level of your machine is a financial ransom of up to $ 100 spent in a currency  The Bitcoin and the most greedy is that the latter (the financial ransom) you have to pay it two days before or one of these two things will be implemented either automatically will be erased or transferred to delete all that is in the phone memory or the ransom values ​​will be raised.

Corona prevalence tracking applications infected with malicious viruses

 The biggest danger is what came in the message on one of the phones infected with this virus as it is in the picture below, where we see clearly that through the warning lines that the virus that infected the phone identified all of the pictures, videos and personal files as well as accounts and other memory  The phone, so that it is dangerous in the matter that the group that programmed this virus informs the owner of the infected phone that the GPS of his phone has been opened to determine each of his movements and in the event that any stupid movement is detected and is intended to try to report to the competent authorities in the field of protection will be  Automatically erase all data automatically without returning  E in the decision.


 All of this that my friend, my friend, will call you to take it seriously because basically the reason behind this problem is to trust third-party apps that are downloaded from outside supported phones such as the App Store and Play Store.

 Avoid malicious applications

 Here to avoid such errors that may increase the matter a crisis than it is necessary to exercise caution and discretion before downloading the application by the following:

 Considerate and careful attention regarding the source of the application.  It is advisable to download applications that are active in the field of tracking from their official websites affiliated with organizations and medical organizations supervising the epidemic tracking.  Also, as a third point, note the level of powers required by the application during the start of the installation process, and here we mean suspicious powers that are far from the specialty of the application, for example, powers to open the phone camera or phone microphone and the like.  Search reviews for the app you want to install.

 Decrypt the virus

 But if you are a victim of the ransomware virus, and precisely this type, you will have to try this serial number that Eset, the leading company in the field of information protection, shared it with the public to decrypt what the amalgam application did by entering the following serial number 4865083501

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