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Microsoft unveils the new graphical interface

A few days ago Microsoft announced recently that it had successfully reached the symbolic threshold of a billion devices running Windows 10, and now Microsoft is finally unveiling the new graphical interfac
e for this system.

Microsoft recently announced yesterday evening that its Windows 10 operating system has crossed the symbolic threshold of a billion devices that use this system across the world, as Microsoft thanked its users, partners, and employees for this achievement, and it comes to computers, personal computers, Xbox gaming platforms, etc.,  Although Microsoft's goal to reach a billion Windows 10 operating systems came almost two years late, it is a strong boost for the company.

 This time, Microsoft released a new teaser video that reveals its new graphical interface, through an Instagram account of the company’s product manager, Panos Panay, and the new teaser video shows the new forms of icons for various Microsoft products, while the video did not reveal when this new interface will be launched in a way  Official.

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